Grayclay College

The Cutera CPD event is a private evening allowing practitioners and industry professionals to come and learn about the rapidly growing space of Body Contouring and Cutera’s cutting edge solution. In Conjunction with our industry partner; Grayclay College; earn CPD points in a relaxed environment whilst seeing firsthand the latest technology in action. Hear from industry experts throughout the evening as to how this could benefit your business.


Date: Wednesday 19 May 2021
Where: Grayclay College – Level 1, 1 Short Street, Southport, QLD 4215
Time: 6:30pm

trusculpt id

Personalized Body Sculpting: The Next Evolution

In recent years, the medical aesthetic industry has seen rapid growth in the number of body sculpting and body contouring procedures performed. The trend is projected to continue growing with the overall market growth of 16.3% year over year through 2020.

truSculpt iD is the latest body sculpting treatment solution from Cutera, providing a personaliSed, hands-free and hand-held solution to revolutioniSe your practice. This powerful, non-invasive, Mono-polar RF platform tailors to patients’ individual needs and features Real-Time Temperature Control for clinically proven results, safety, and patient experience. truSculpt iD treats the entire fat layer, resulting in an average of 24% fat reduction.

It offers unique hand piece placement versatility and customiSed 15-minute protocols to treat a full abdomen or multiple body areas simultaneously. Further expand your treatment options with upper arm contouring and definition and leg sculpting, a fast, flexible treatment with no downtime.


trusculpt FLEX

Time For Your Practice To Flex Its Muscles

truSculpt flex is a muscle sculpting device that offers personalized treatments based on patient fitness level, shape, and goals. Only truSculpt flex with Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) deploys a unique method of electrical muscle stimulation to target specific muscle groups using three treatment mode options, covering the largest treatment area in the body sculpting industry.

Unique delivery of direct electrical muscle stimulation to treat specific muscle groups using three treatment mode options.

Low levels of energy achieve deep muscle contractions at high intensity via a proprietary handpiece design with truGel.

Safe and consistent results through targeted, selective, and customizable delivery with less energy.


Personalized Body Sculpting: The Next Evolution

excel V+ is the latest generation laser technology for vascular and pigmentation treatments. With design input from leading dermatologists, excel V+ delivers the power, precision, and performance to safely and effectively treat indications from challenging vascular and pigmentary conditions to today’s most common skin concerns. Featuring two clinically proven wavelengths, large spot sizes up to 16 mm, and higher energy, excel V+ puts you ahead of the rest and expands your treatment capabilities.

Best combination of wavelengths (532/1064 nm) to treat the widest range of vascular concerns – superficial to deep – and pigmentary concerns with our fully-integrated CoolView handpiece. Adjust spot sizes from 2-16 mm and deliver the most comfortable treatments with CoolView’s integrated sapphire contact cooling.


Why CHOOSE cutera?

20 Years of Innovation

At Cutera, we develop new solutions that give medical aesthetic professionals the power to adapt, evolve, and stay at the forefront of the field so that they can deliver true patient satisfaction. Ideating, exploring, designing, testing, and developing new solutions is the foundation of our process that has created truly one-of-a-kind devices.

We aim to drive the vision and deploy industry-first approaches. We partner with our physician clients to understand their needs, so we can deliver solutions that meet—and create—market demand.

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Date: Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 March 2021
Where: Intercontinental Hotel, Double Bay, Parsley Room
Time: 9:00AM – 5:00PM

truSculpt iD

Permanent Fat Reduction in one Fifteen Minute Treatment.
Duration: 1 hour

truSculpt FLEX

Clinically Proven Medical Grade Muscle Stimulation.
Duration: 1 hour


Industry leading technology designed by Dermatologist.
Duration: 1 hour